CANOE and kayak


All Rentals include:

  • Canoe or Kayak

  • Appropriately-sized Paddles

  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

  • Rooftop straps and protective pads (Optional)

  • Drop off/pick up of boats and gear (additional fee)

Wenonah Prism

Solo Canoes

A solo canoe will bring out the adventure in you! These small, light, responsive boats are a great choice for first time solo paddlers looking to paddle their own canoe or for experienced paddlers looking for an adventure. These boats are lighter than similar-sized kayaks and will surely out perform them in the water.

Solo Canoes are available in Tuf-weave (fiberglass) and Ultralight Kevlar hulls.

Wenonah Vagabond - $45/Calendar Day
Wenonah Prism - $55/Calendar Day

Tandem Canoes

Mac’s had the boat for what ever your adventure may be! With tandem canoes ranging from aluminium to ultralight Kevlar, Mac’s had the boat for your adventure! Not sure what boat is the best fit for your needs? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

Roylex/T-Formex Models:
Wenonah Heron - $45/Calendar Day
Wenonah Adirondack - $45/Calendar Day
Wenonah Spirit II - $45/Calendar Day

Tuf-weave/Fiberglass Models:
Wenonah Escape - $55/Calendar Day
Wenonah 17 Wenonah - $55/Calendar Day

Kevlar Models:
Wenonah Heron - $65/Calendar Day
Wenonah Escape - $65/Calendar Day
Wenonah Minnesota II - $65/Calendar Day

Aluminum Models:
Assorted Aluminum Canoes - $40/Calendar Day

Wenonah Escape

Wenonah Minnesota II

Current Designs Kestrel


A kayak is the perfect boat for short trips from camp or a leisurely cruise down the Saranac or Raquette River. These rotomolded plastic boats are very durable, stable and great for first time paddlers or children.

Models include:

Current Designs Kestrel - $45/Calendar Day
Current Designs Solara - $45/Calendar Day

Multi-Person Canoe

Four paddlers in one boat? with gear? You bet. These large canoes are designed to allow them to efficiently carry four paddlers and their gear through the water and over carries. This boat is also ideal for four person canoe race teams looking to maximize their power to weight ratio.

Models include:

Wenonah Minnesota III - $100/Calendar Day
Wenonah Minnesota 4 - $120/Calendar Day

Wenonah Minnesota 4

Mac’s Canoe Livery Accepts Cash or Check Payments only.