Canoes for Sale

Mac's Canoe Livery maintains a fleet of canoes ranging from heavy-duty aluminum to ultra-lightweight Kevlar. Occasionally we place new and used boats and accessories up for sales to make room for new additions to the fleet. This page will be updated as boats become available. For the most up-to-date information on used boat prices, please call 518.891.1176 or email


New and used rental canoes: 

We have several new and used rental canoes for sale at retail or discounted prices. Models for sale include: 

Wenonah Minnesota II (Tandem - Kevlar)
Wenonah Heron (Tandem - Kevlar)
Wenonah Minnesota IV (Four Person - Kevlar)
Wenonah Prism (Solo - Kevlar)
Wenonah Escape (Tandem - Tuf-weave)
Wenonah 17 Wenonah (Tandem - Tuf-weave)
Wenonah Vagabond (Solo - Tuf-weave)
Wenonah Spirit II (Tandem - T-formex)
Assorted Aluminum Canoes
Assorted Kayaks


Featured Canoes:

Wenonah Itasca - REduced price!

Year: 2018
Material: Ultra-light Kevlar
Length: 19' 
Weight: 49lbs
Price: $3100

Features: sliding molded seats, adjustable foot brace, black heavy-duty aluminum trim with wood gunwales. 

This boat is brand new and has not yet seen the water! The Itasca is designed to be an efficient, high-volume canoe, great for canoe camping/trekking, paddling families, etc.