Frequently asked questions about the adirondack canoe classic

How do I get into the event …

How do I get an entry form?
Contact the race hotline at 518-891-2744 or . Please provide your name, mailing address and phone number and indicate you are interested in a 90-Miler entry form. Previous 3 year entrants will be mailed an entry form in mid-June. 

When is the entry form due?

Entry forms are mailed out in mid-June and are due by July 20.

Does everyone who sends in an entry form get into the event?

If we have more than 275 boats (teams) entered, we use a weighted lottery to determine who will be awarded a position. (Weighted lotteries favor long-time participants.) 

How will I know I am in?

Participants are listed by class on the class list list which is posted on the website.  If you do not see your name on the list you didn't make the cut; you will be receiving a letter and your check back in the mail.  Please know that it is a tough day as a race organizer.  

Is there a boat that is not good for the 90-Miler? 

Yes, short, fat or inflatable kayaks or canoes do not work well. Heavy layups can also be problematic due to the significant numbers of carries on the route. Paddlers using these boats frequently are not able to meet cut-off times or do not finish. 

Now that I'm in the 90-Miler … 

Do I need to carry all my gear with me during the event?

No, most people carry water, food and extra clothing. A pit crew can move the rest of your gear from the start to the finish each day.

Do I need a pit crew?

At a minimum, you will need someone to move your car and extra gear from the start line to the finish line each day while you're paddling. 

Is there a shuttle provided? 

No. Paddlers are responsible for their own transportation at all times. If you shuttle back to get your vehicle with another paddler, it will take well over an hour each day. 

Where do people stay overnight?

Participants can either utilize the local DEC campgrounds or stay at one of the many lodging establishments along the route.

Are campgrounds at the finish lines?

Campgrounds are not at the finish lines. They are located several miles away. This is where pit crews become essential.

Do we start where we finished the day before?

No, start lines are different from the finish lines each day.

What if I don't have a car or truck to move my boat?

Race organizers have trailers to move boats from the finish to start lines each day. Please indicate on your entry form if this is something you want to take advantage of.

What if I don't have a canoe? 

Canoes are available for rent from several local liveries. 

Is there food and water provided during the event?

Race organizers provide pit stops at strategic locations each day of the event. Please consider pit stop foods (snacks and water) as supplemental to your own supply.

Do I need a map?

Maps are always a good idea. However, there are 275 boats in the event and the course is obvious.

Where do I go to the bathroom?

There are port a johns at strategic locations throughout the course. If nature calls between the port a johns, please be discreet.

What if I don't finish?

You need to notify race officials that you are done for the day. You are welcome to start the next day in the open touring class the remaining days.

What sort of training regimen should I have prior to the race?

This is a three-day endurance activity. We encourage people to go to other events to see what gear people have in their boats and to experience canoe racing. The more you prepare, the more enjoyable your 90-Miler experience will be.

Where can I find out about more races to prepare myself?

Visit the NYMCRA Web site for other races in New York.

What about the carries?

Make sure you have a system for carrying your boat and gear. Remember there are 275 boats in this event all traveling the same route. Be organized and efficient. Practice portaging. 

What clothing should I wear?

Wear quick drying synthetic clothing that is comfortable. Avoid cotton. Bring a hat. Footwear that you can get wet and also walk over a mile in while carrying a canoe.

What extra gear should I consider having with me? 

Spare paddle, a way to carry water (including during portage), sunscreen, warm clothes if needed, good PFD, portage yoke or a way to carry your boat across the portages.

Are there rapids?

No, this is a flatwater course.

Who organizes the 90-Miler?

The 90-Miler is organized by the Adirondack Watershed Alliance.